Wednesday, January 4, 2012


If there is one thing I am good at, it is nesting. Although I am sure the habit is hereditary and existed from birth, my nesting skills were first documented in high school, when I was described in a short essay (by a now renowned author) as “ wherever she settled there was a flurry of things surrounding her, spilling from her backpack,”. The trait has persisted; a graduate classmate remarked that she always liked sitting next to me, as I created a homey environment in my little nest of things. Perhaps the fact that my nests historically sprung from a backpack was prophetic of the need for mobility; my nesting abilities have been an enormous benefit in my life’s pattern of rapid geographical changes. For those who have previously admired my nests I have provided pictures and documentation on my current location (however first hand visiting to experience the full effect is greatly encouraged!).

My newly rented little row house is in a neighborhood of Baltimore called Patterson Park. I have included info about the neighborhood from various websites below. It is near the more well known neighborhood of Fells Point. It is only a couple of blocks from a very large lovely park. The park has played a role in several wars as it was a high point in the city ( civil war, war of 1812 and so on). It has a random pagoda which has been around since at least the early 1900’s, (it’s point or significance seems to escape all records about it).

what the row house looks like.

I have a pleasant roommate ( Side note-when is one too old to have a roommate?- I decided you are too old when you can afford to live without one- I am not there yet). The said roommate has a little furry dog and excellent style in d├ęcor. Due to the weather, season, and the blessing of work, I have I haven’t been able to explore my neighborhood too much, but what I have seen I like. There are coffee shops, restaurants and interesting sites within walking distance.

From the web: Tucked away between Canton and John's Hopkins Medical Center, you'll find Baltimore's up-and-coming neighborhood -- Patterson Park. A designated historic district, Patterson Park is within walking distance of a variety of the city's best restaurants, nightlife, and cultural activities. But what it really boasts is a true sense of community. Patterson Park is a small town in the heart of the city--where neighbors greet each other on the streets.

The park itself spans 155 acres and is frequented by not only by runners, bikers, basketball, soccer players and other sports enthusiasts, but it has also become a popular setting for families, community gardeners and bird watchers, among others. In addition to being a free and open space to the public, Patterson Park hosts community, cultural, and artistic events.

the park