Friday, February 5, 2010

February- thoughts and reflections

A year has past (almost) since I started my blog, and the transient living.

My internship/ time in the South is over half way done. Somewhere along the way I fell for this place, these people, and find my self saddened by the thought of leaving. I am taking a wide open embraces of living and I'm learning that to make life full also means you will know when those arm are empty.
I'm finding lovely pockets of Durham to enjoy. I now know several places that offer quality coffee, and some fantastic mexican food ( what more could a girl need?), but overall Durham can be kinda blah. Shh dont tell the locals but I like chapel hill/Carrborro better. Athough Im not letting my ambitions die, I haven't been able to get out too much and see the south yet.

Life strums along.
I see people and am challenged on what makes normal? My job is to define, treat, and encourage the norm in people. I make judgment calls all day, and yet have this irking feeling that our common humanality is not in how close to "average" we become or feel.

I look at patients and am saddened that only occasionally do I see myself or my loved ones in them, for each and every one are the same as me and my loved ones. When I no longer see it, I've lost sight of the sense of the person, the humanity in them, and am only seeing the illness. (
I have found a great sense of connection through my pastel, suburban bible church. The community is diverse, although predominantly white. There are all ages, which is important, and I have found ways to be involved. I have been leading a monthly time of prayer. communion and worship and have loved having the freedom to be creative. We did foot washing and was blown away how vulnerable of an event washing someone's feet ( and letting another wash yours) can be. It is a challenge and I always need more time, but it has reminded me how much I enjoy public speaking,

So i'm continuing to be honored to be sharing lives, friendships, working to staying open, deeply investing despite potential separation that will come. I also appreciate the pace here, everything does move a bit slower, smoother, I'm secretly perfecting my southern drawl and learning how diverse a southern accent can be!